Doug Keen, PhD 

Senior Lecturer, Physiology
Research Interests

While I teach a broad range of classes in the Department from introductory anatomy and physiology up to several upper division courses my main interest is in exercise and environmental physiology. I find it
fascinating to how the body meets the challenges of high intensity brief duration exercise such as power lifting or long duration exercise such as an ironman triathlon. Examining the adaptations that occur with
these applied stressors to the body allows the student to take their general knowledge of the basic physiological systems and understand how these systems respond to various stressors.


  • 1990 BS - University of Alabama
  • 1993 MS - University of Arizona
  • 2002 PhD - University of Arizona

PSIO 201 – Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
PSIO 420 – Exercise and Environmental Physiology
PSIO 426 – Extreme Physiology
PSIO 425 – Measurement and Evaluation of Physiological Function
PSIO 305 – Integrated Systems Physiology