John Kanady, PhD 

Senior Lecturer, Physiology
Research Interests

I’m interested in how technologies can be used inside and outside the classroom to facilitate learning about physiology. Of particular interest to me are the potentials for using photogrammetry, educational video games/interactive simulations, social media, and artificial intelligence (primarily large language models) to enhance learning.


  • 2007 BS Physiology minor: Chemistry and Spanish - University of Arizona
  • 2015 PhD Physiological Sciences - University of Arizona
  • 2016 Post-Doctoral - University of Arizona

PSIO 101: Tackling Physiological Topics in Today’s Society
PSIO 201: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
PSIO 202: Human Anatomy and Physiology II
PSIO 380: Fundamentals of Human Physiology
PSIO 497L: Leadership and Engagement in Teaching Science
PS 697A: Physiological Sciences Teaching Workshop A
PS 697B: Physiological Sciences Teaching Workshop B