Katalin M. Gothard, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor, Physiology
Associate Professor Neurology
Associate Professor Physiological Sciences - GIDP
Assistant Professor Neurobiology
Assistant Professor, Evelyn F McKnight Brain Institute
Assistant Professor BIO5 Institute
Research Interests

The Gothard laboratory is focused on the neurophysiology of brain circuits involved in emotion, social behavior, and decision-making and is currently engaged in pursuing the following questions: What is the contribution of interoceptive afferents to higher cognitive functions and decision-making? What are the morphological, behavioral, and neurophysiological changes in the adolescent brain? What type of neural circuits control the production of facial expressions?


  • 1988 MD - Timisoara Medical School, Romania
  • 1990 Post-Graduate Neurosurgery - Timisoara Medical School, Romania
  • 1996 PhD Neuroscience - University of Arizona
  • 2022 Post-doctoral - California National Primate Research Center
Publication Highlights

Gothard, K. M. (2020). Multidimensional processing in the amygdala. Nature ReviewsNeuroscience, 21(10), 565-575.

Martin, Anne B., Michael A. Cardenas, Rose K. Andersen, Archer I. Bowman, ElizabethA. Hillier, Sliman Bensmaia, Andrew J. Fuglevand, and Katalin M. Gothard. "A context-dependent switch from sensing to feeling in the primate amygdala." Cell Reports 42, no.2 (2023)

Staudigl, T., Minxha, J., Mamelak, A. N., Gothard, K. M., & Rutishauser, U. (2022).Saccade-related neural communication in the human medial temporal lobe is modulatedby the social relevance of stimuli. Science advances, 8(11), eabl6037