Matthew Lujan, MS

Instructional Specialist, Senior, Physiology
Research Interests

My research interests include wearable technology (i.e., Apple Watches, FitBits, etc.) and how we can leverage changes in physiology for accurate measurement of our sleep. As an educator, I am interested in helping physiology undergraduates find opportunities both on and off campus in preparation for graduate and professional school. Through this endeavor, I strive to help every student in the pursuit of their ultimate career goals.


  • 2019 BSHS Physiology - University of Arizona
  • 2021 MS Physiological Sciences - University of Arizona

PSIO 395 A/B, PhysioConnects A/B PSIO 393, Peer Mentorship Internship PSIO 101, Tackling Physiological Topics PSIO 497L, Leadership & Engagement in Teaching

Publication Highlights

Grandner MA, Lujan MR, Ghani SB. Sleep-tracking technology in scientific research: looking to thefuture. Sleep. 2021 May 14;44(5):zsab071. doi: 10.1093/sleep/zsab071. PMID: 33782687; PMCID:PMC8343587.

Lujan MR, Perez-Pozuelo I, Grandner MA. Past, Present, and Future of Multisensory WearableTechnology to Monitor Sleep and Circadian Rhythms. Front Digit Health. 2021 Aug 16;3:721919. doi:10.3389/fdgth.2021.721919. PMID: 34713186; PMCID: PMC8521807