Paul McDonagh, PhD

Research Interests

Pathobiology of Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.These studies aim to delineate the mechanisms underlying the initial deposition of leukocytes early in reperfusion following ischemia and the involvement of leukocytes in the acute inflammatory contribution to reperfusion injury.* Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction Early in Resuscitation Following Cardiac Arrest. Laboratory studies aimed to determine coronary microvascular alterations that lead to a depression in coronary flow reserve and cardiac function early in resuscitation following cardiac arrest.* The Acute Inflammatory Response in Cardiac Surgery. Laboratory and clinical investigations of the mechanisms by which cytokines and leukocytes contribute to acute inflammation following cardiac surgery and implantation of cardiovascular devices.* Cardiovascular Complications of Diabetes. These studies aim to determine the role of blood- microvessel interactions in the excessive response of the diabetic heart to ischemia-reperfusion.* The Cerebral Microcirculation in Stroke. These studies