Zoe Cohen, PhD 

Associate Professor, Educator Scholar Track, Physiology
Assistant Professor, Physiological Sciences - GIDP
Director, COM-T Honors College Early Assurance Program (HEAP)
Director, COM-T Baccalaureate Programs and APME
Assistant Director, Scholarly Projects


  • 1991 BS Kinesiology - University of Colorado
  • 1994 MS Exercise Physiology - University of Colorado
  • 2003 PhD Physiologucal Sciences - University of Arizona
  • 2005 Post-Doc Canadian Blood Services, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto
  • 2007 Post-Doc College of Nursing-Center for Injury Mechanisms and Related
    Responses, University of Arizona, Platelet activation in type 2 diabetes and stroke

Cardiovascular Physiology (PSIO 485/585)
Physiology of the Immune System (PSIO 431/531)
Pharmacology and Therapeutics (6 hours) (PCOL601B)
UACOM CPR block (12 sessions) (MED808)
UACOM Foundations block (12 sessions) (MED808)